(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) One of the most consistent hit makers in popular music history, Toby Keith has also watched a few of his songs transcend the moment to become something more. But he's never seen anything blow up quite like his current single "Red Solo Cup."


                FOX All Access recently noted that the song has made the Red Solo Cup "today's newest celebrity …and it's all [because of] Toby Keith." But don't take their word for it. Consider:


           ·     More than 10 million viral online views for the video and growing.

           ·      Fastest selling single of his career.

           ·      Single certified gold and platinum this week. 

           ·      No. 1 on the digital genre chart 9 of last 11 weeks.

           ·      Jumped No. 42 to No. 18 on Sirius XM's "Hits 1" Pop station.

           ·      No. 1 most-played on jukeboxes for the past month.


                "Red Solo Cup" is also powering sales of Keith's latest album, Clancy's Tavern, which is currently at # 2 after its No. 1 country debut 12 weeks ago. Anecdotally, reports are coming in of empty shelves at retailers as consumers "prepare to party" by picking up the celebrated red cups and bypassing still plentiful blue and yellow versions.


                Meanwhile, beverage distributors seem to be doing their best to keep up with demand for something to put in said cups. Toby's signature Wild Shot Mezcal is now available in 38 states. Keith's foray into the world of spirits has contributed to a resurgence for mezcal and has been heralded in the beverage trade press.