(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Summer is synonymous with Toby Keith, red Solo cups, Ford Trucks and Wild Shot Mezcal. Or at least it will be when Keith's Live In Overdrive Tour presented by Ford F-Series finishes sweeping through the country. Keeping things festive this summer is the Wild Shot inflatable bar, featured at scores of Keith's tour dates. Toby Keith concert goers will be able to enjoy Wild Shot recipe drinks at the inflatable bar including the famous Blue Mezcalita, Mezcalita and shots of Wild Shot. Also on tap ... or on the bar, if you will, is a festive Fourth of July cocktail featuring Toby's signature beverage.


The "All-American Jar" is a creation from I Love This Bar And Grill and was approved by Toby himself. As one would expect for Independence Day, the drink is dressed in red, white and blue with a mixture that includes Piņa Colada mix, strawberry daiquiri mix and blue curacao. Here's the recipe:



            Wild Shot Mezcal - 2.25 oz.

            Malibu Rum - 1 oz.

            Triple Sec - 0.25 oz.

            Pineapple Juice - 0.25 oz.

            Piņa Colada Mix - 1 cup

            Strawberry Daiquiri Mix - 1 cup

            Crushed Ice - 1.25 cups

            Blue curacao- Garnish

            Whipped Cream - Garnish

            Cherry - Garnish



In a blender add Wild Shot, Malibu rum, triple sec, pineapple juice and Piņa Colada mix with ice and blend until thick. Pour half of blender in separate glass, then add strawberry daiquiri mix in blender. Blend until mixed and pour blended strawberry mix into mason jar. Add separate glass of blended product to the mason jar and top with whipped cream and blue curacao garnish with a cherry.


Mason jars are one thing, but Wild Shot will arrive in a much bigger - and inflatable - container at concert venues around the country.  

Here's the full list of dates:


Inflatable Bar = General Concessions

VIP Only Areas will not use the Inflatable Bar but will serve Wild Shot recipe drinks


6/15     Denver, CO                  Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

6/16     Albuquerque, NM         Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

6/30     Indianapolis, IN            Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

7/13     Cleveland, OH              VIP Area Only

7/14     Washington DC             VIP Area Only

7/15     Raleigh, NC                  VIP Area Only

7/26     Virginia Beach, VA       Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

7/27     Pittsburgh, PA            Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

7/29     Darien Lakes, NY        Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/9       San Diego, CA              Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/10     Los Angeles, CA          Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/12     Mountain View, CA      Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/17     Holmdel, NJ                 Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/18     Philadelphia, PA          Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/24     Atlanta, GA                 Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

8/25     Charlotte, NC              VIP Area Only

9/1       St. Louis, MO               VIP Area Only

9/2       Chicago, IL                  Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

9/7       Dallas, TX                   VIP Area Only

9/14     Tampa, FL                   Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

9/15     W. Palm Beach, FL      Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

9/21     Hartford, CT                Inflatable Bar & VIP Area

9/22     Boston, MA                 VIP Area Only