KRYSTAL KEITH What The Critics Are Saying...

"With a voice as strong as any, Krystal impresses on her first album while showing she's very much her own woman." - Todays Hot Country - GAC

"Krystal has talent, a lot of it, and she is going to reach heights of fame that even her father could not imagine."- Yahoo Voices

"It's a great father-daughter dance tune just for weddings, and I suspect once word gets out, she's gonna make a killing on the royalties. Or she should, anyway." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"It's an understated, organic performance that allows Keith to introduce her own unique personality. There's something deliciously rebellious about the chorus." 

Taste of Country Critic's pick 

"Overall, it is a perfect redneck anthem...and a great way for Keith to show the world that she has a musical identity that's independent from her father's." 

WKDQ Radio (review of "Get Your Redneck On") 

"Her single, 'Get Your Redneck On,' will no doubt show that, yes, the apple did not fall far from the tree, but this might just be a golden one." - GotCountry.com

"Krystal's performance carries shades of artists like Reba and Faith Hill while she delivers a sterling neo-traditional ballad." - Headline Country

"She sings with a fantastic touch for timing." - Storme Warren of Headline News

"Obviously the big story is about Krystal and her well known dad, but I think people will see past that and they'll get to know Krystal as a great singer in country music." 

Country Music Life

"And we Oklahomans have every reason to be proud of this woman's talent, strength and sense of place, and to follow this burgeoning artist as she begins her career."

 - Distinctly Oklahoman