Blog update

What's going on all you beautiful fans of ours? I feel like it's been forever since one of us has written a blog to ya'll! Hope everyone out there is as excited for spring as I am...it's a new day, a new season, and we're a new force to be reckoned with. As many of you all know, we've had some changes in the past couple months. Our label, Show Dog Nashville, has merged with another label, Universal South, to officially now be Show Dog Universal. We couldn't be more excited about the change! We have some wonderful new people on our staff, some amazing new label mates including Joe Nichols and Trace Adkins just to name a couple, and a new creative energy. Which brings me to the topic of our single "You Knock Me Out". We just want to say thank you so much for getting excited with us about this song, going and downloading it, and requesting it at your local radio stations. It means the world to us! There have actually been some changes in the plan for that song and it looks like we won't be officially releasing it to radio. But before anyone gets disappointed (it's still available on itunes!), we have great news to go along with it. We have since then been in the studio with Toby and our new president of the label, Mark Wright, cutting new stuff. And the best part about it.....we wrote everything we've been cutting. We have really buckled down and written songs that we feel everyone will love. I know that puts a little bit more of a wait for getting back out there to you all, and believe me, NO ONE is more anxious than US! But it will be well worth the wait. We feel like we're on a really great path right now with our music and our hearts are bursting from excitement planning for the day we finally get to be out there again. So again, thank you everyone who has stuck with us. Please continue to keep up, write us on facebook, tell your friends about us on twitter, and come out to hang at our shows. We love you so much! Let's toast to creativity, new beginnings and future sun tans!